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31. Presentation Power feat. Natasha Bazilevych

Season #1

How to become a powerful speaker and use presentations to supercharge your business growth!

Natasha Bazilevych is a speaker and public speaking expert. She is the Founder & President of ChangeView Academy, where she trains entrepreneurs and corporate executives to give powerful presentations.

Natasha holds a Bachelors in Management of Organizations and an MBA. She has been teaching presentation skills for 14 years and has taught hundreds of students and clients from more than 20 countries.

In 2020, she was named one of the Top 500 Entrepreneurs by Brainz Magazine along with Simon Sinek, Mel Robbins and Jim Kwik. She was also featured at Tony Robbins' and Dean Graziosi World Summit 2021, on ABC News in Duluth, MN, Australian Live TV broadcast Ticker News, such podcasts as The Elevated Entrepreneur, Fearless & Successful, Chasing the Insights, and many others.

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