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30. Goal shedding, burnout and comparison feat. Scott Anderson

Season #1

Are your goals causing your to compare yourself to others and experience burnout?

In this episode, I'm joined by Scott Anderson, the founder and CEO of Doubledare, an executive coaching and consulting practice which dares entrepreneurs and executives to fully live their unique talent, passion, and purpose.

We talk about burnout, and the struggles entrepreneurs face when they suffer from impostor syndrome and chronic stress. We dig into the simple mindset shifts, as well as actionable steps you can take to overcome and prevent burnout in your day to day life as an entrepreneur.

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Scott has generously offered listeners of The Hustle Less Profit More Podcast a free masterclass in his 5-Shift Burnout Breakthrough system that is proven to:

o   Help you get to the root cause of your exhaustion and overwhelm – so you can stop treating symptoms and making the exhaustion and stress worse and worse
o   Learn techniques proven to breakthrough burnout in 90 days or less – even if you’ve already tried everything else.
o   Bring you to a level of enthusiasm and confidence you’ve probably never felt before.
o   Offer a burnout prevention system for your teammates

I’ll warn you in advance that these shifts are counter-intuitive. But as Scott says, let’s face it: if you’re feeling burnout, the things you’ve tried aren’t working anyway!

Check out the 5 Shifts in this 30-minute masterclass today 👉 

You’ve got nothing to lose but your burnout.