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Mickey Anderson | Marketing Strategist, Consultant & Speaker

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About Mickey Anderson

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Running a business is tough, then add in a mix of relationships, family, parenting, household responsibilities and LIFE, and you'll find yourself drinking from a tall glass of chaos.

As a military wife, mother and business owner, Mickey knows that taking on the workload of a 10-person team isn't for the faint of heart. Yet as a marketing campaign strategist and conversion copywriter, she constantly sees businesses focusing on doing more of the wrong things...

Getting more leads...
and more leads...
and more leads...
leading to (GASP) no conversions and no revenue???

Your marketing should deliver ROI–but if you focus all your energy on more leads and not on conversions, you'll never see a dollar.


The Marketing CLOSER

Mickey Anderson is the marketing CLOSER, and she helps service professionals and businesses convert more high-value leads who stay longer, spend more, and consistently refer with:

- Irresistible offers
- Seductive funnels
- Content that converts

She's a rebel helping business owners and entrepreneurs reverse-engineer their marketing to optimize conversions, increase retention and boost referrals.

Instead of gobbling down that washed-out archaic marketing advice and focusing on "driving traffic," we should optimize for conversions FIRST and then work backwards with our marketing strategy. Quit hunting for leads and farm for profits instead with conversion optimization!

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Short Bio

Mickey Anderson is a marketing strategist, consultant and speaker who helps service professionals stand out as thought leaders and maximize revenue without increasing workload. She is the Marketing Closer, a conversion specialist, campaign strategist, and conversion copywriter. She'll help you convert and retain more high-value clients who stay longer, spend more, and consistently refer.

The Speaker Your Audience Asks For Again...And Again...And Again

Mickey is an energetic, engaging and passionate speaker. She dispels marketing myths and provides actionable tools and frameworks to convert more high-value clients, keep them longer, and generate consistent referrals. Instead of hunting for leads, Mickey teaches audiences how to generate raving fans through your marketing. 

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Mickey As Your Next Podcast Guest

Mickey is a selfless guest who delivers value, keeps the conversation engaging AND brings energy and fun. Your audience will love the simple but powerful marketing tips Mickey provides! 

Ideas For Episode Titles / Main Focus

  • Why hunt for leads when you can farm for profit
  • Conversions > Leads
  • Reverse-engineer your marketing to drive more revenue
  • How to increase revenue without getting more clients
  • Content Marketing: Is it worth the time?
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Contributor For DigitalMarketer 

DigitalMarketer is a skills and talent development platform for modern marketers. By combining courses, certifications, community, and coaching, we give marketers everything they need to succeed (and look really smart doing it).