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Is It Them?
Or Is It Your Offer?

Close more sales online with an Irresistible Offer and sales page that actually sells.

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Over 250 Sales Pages And Happy Customers


The Average Increase In Sales Within 12-Months


The Average Reduction Of Sales Calls

Hopping on zoom for every sale isn’t sustainable…

You want to serve, but how can you if you aren’t confident in your offer or website sales page?

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Discounting your prices and creating custom offers for everyone.

You need a signature offer that stands out from the competition and catches your ideal client’s attention–an offer that both you and your ideal clients adore. 

  • A signature offer that you love

  • A transformation your ideal clients are dreaming of, and

  • Sales page copywriting that converts so you can stop selling and get back to serving. 

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Creating an Irresistible Offer has never been easier.

I understand what it likes to feel insecure about your offer and sales page.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners find their confidence by creating irresistible offers with high-converting sales pages, and I’m here to help you do the same.

A Trusted, Certified, Professional

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Professional Conversion Copywriter 

A Few Of Our Happy Clients 

Irresistible Offers Is For You If... 

✅ You have a high-quality & high-ticket offer
✅ You have an existing website with the resources to update it 
✅ You are open to repackaging your existing offer or crafting a new one
✅ You want a signature service that positions you from the competition
✅ You believe that your marketing should match the quality of your service

Irresistible Offers Is NOT For You If... 

❌ You aren't open to changing your existing offer or creating a new one
❌ You love doing what everyone else is doing and want to fit in
❌ You aren't willing to take risks or try anything new

You’ve got some leads…but you can’t seem to close them consistently.

Fix the bottom of your funnel and increase conversions with an irresistible offer and a sales page that sells!

Irresistible Offers Logo | Hey Mickey Anderson

An irresistible offer and a sales page that actually sells.

Optimized Offer

Stand out from the competition with an irresistible offer using our signature framework to cover every component necessary to convert more high-value clients.

Value: $5000

Professional Consulting

Get professional advice from a campaign strategist and conversion copywriter. We’ll optimize your offer and work through the best way to market it in 4 x 60-min consulting calls.

Value: $2200

Sales Page Copywriting 

Professional conversion copywriting for your sales page so you can confidently sell your irresistible offer online. Includes 2 rounds of revisions.

Value: $2500

Total Value: $9700

Your Investment: $5000

Your Savings: $4700!!!

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Bonus: 3-Months Of FREE Access To Office Hours! 

"But what happens after we’ve created the offer and posted the sales page?"
"What if I have questions?"
"What if I need more support?"

I’ve got you covered with 3-months of FREE access to my exclusive Office Hours group coaching calls.

Weekly group coaching calls to ask questions and get additional support as you market your new offer.

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Here's What You Can Expect

"Working with Mickey has fundamentally changed my business. Her knowledge of the accounting industry means that everything she writes is factual and correct. She takes the time to make sure she is always writing in my voice and understands how to reach my target clients. I recommend her services to all busy professional services firms who want a stress-free way to outsource marketing and communications."

Cas Tyagi, CPA.
Founder of Tyagi Group APC

"Mickey has written countless copy for our business; emails, websites, sales pages, offers, ads...she has nailed our brand every single time. She's a marketing genius."

Alix Roy-Couvillon
Co- Owner, Primal Mobility

How Irresistible Offers Work


Stand out from the sea of sameness with an offer that positions you above the rest.


Complicated doesn’t sell. Build a no-brainer offer that your clients have been dreaming of.


You value relationships, and so do your clients. Your sales page will showcase that.

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What makes an offer irresistible | Hey Mickey Anderson

What makes an offer irresistible?

There are five key components to our signature framework that take offers from boring to must-have.

  1. The Transformation: What is the ultimate transformation you deliver?

  2. The Function: What does your offer include? Think bells & whistles.
  3. The Brand: What makes you uniquely capable of solving your ideal client’s problem better than anyone else?

  4. The Social Power: What proof do you have that you will deliver on your promise?

  5. The Transaction: What makes now the absolute best time to buy?

Combine these components in the right way, and you’ll have yourself an offer too good to resist.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of our work, we’ll keep working with you until you are. But we’re sure you’ll be blown away.

Or just keep throwing more money at paid ads...because it’s working for you, right? 

Leads are only a small part of the sales equation–what you do with those leads is key. Stop throwing your money into a leaky funnel.

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Still not sure if Irresistible Offers is for you? 

Hop on a free call with us to see if we're a good fit. 

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