90 Day Campaign

Elevate Your Authority & Close More Sales With A 90-Day Content Marketing Campaign

90 Day Campaign

Elevate Your Authority & Close More Sales With A 90-Day Content Marketing Campaign


How many more hours (and sales) will you let slip away? 

Staring at the blank screen, wondering what to post on LinkedIn…and you still haven’t emailed your list in weeks.

That next sale isn't going to sell itself. 

You're BUSY.

So you end up with random acts of marketing and inconsistent efforts. 

But you DON'T have to keep pounding the pavement and fighting zoom fatigue to get that next big sale.

Frustrated | Hey Mickey Anderson

"Mickey is hands down the best thing to happen to our business. She is absolutely amazing at what she does and she gets shit done. She over delivers in every possible way."

Alix Roy-Couvillon
Co-Owner, Primal Mobility

You know outsourcing is your next logical step

But hiring a full-service marketing agency feels like more than just a stretch. 

And those one-hit-wonder social media and SEO companies are an incomplete solution. 

That's why I created the 90-Day Campaign!

Connect the dots between your content and sales in 90 Days!

You'll have your website, email and social channels all working together!

  • Generate awareness and expand your reach with captivating social media content (without spending anything on paid ads)
  • Increase website traffic with valuable evergreen content that positions you as the authority in your field
  • Grow a pipeline of ideal clients and prime them to buy
  • Maximize sales and reclaim your time, so you can focus on what matters most

"I really appreciated how professional and responsive Mickey was in the whole process. In my line of work it is difficult to work on my business, as client files come first, and Mickey made sure to follow up with me the right amount, and was very responsive and present to my needs making it a very seamless workflow. The work itself was also impeccable."

Elena Favaro Viana, EFV Legal Professional Corporation

A Professional Campaign Strategist, Content Specialist & Conversion Copywriter

DigitalMarketer Certified Partner

DigitalMarketer Certified Partner

DigitalMarketer Certified Marketing Strategist

Certified Marketing Strategist

DigitalMarketer Certified Content Specialist

Certified Content Marketing Specialist

Chess Piece | Hey Mickey Anderson

$7 Million In Client Revenue Generated In 2022

The Professional | Hey Mickey Anderson

I'm the one the agencies call in for their big campaigns.

I have over 10 years experience creating and leading campaigns that generate over 6 and 7 figures in profits without paid ads. I've doubled and tripped growth for businesses using this exact strategy.

"Working with Mickey has fundamentally changed my business. She takes the time to make sure she is always writing in my voice and understands how to reach my target clients. I recommend her services to all busy professional services firms who want a stress-free way to outsource marketing and communications."

Cas Tyagi, CPA
Founder, Tyagi Group APC

How Does A 90-Day Campaign Work?

90 days of power-packed content on your website, email and social channels.

1. Strategy

Without a strategy, you're throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.

We'll create a one-page 90-day content strategy to attract and close more ideal customers. 

2. Consistency

Your audience won't magically warm up on their own.

We consistently grow and nurture your pipeline of ideal clients so they are primed and ready to buy whenever you're ready to sell.

3. Maximum ROI 

There's no point in creating content that no one ever sees.

We create evergreen website content (the highest ROI) and distribute it by email and social media for maximum exposure.


Is A 90-Day Campaign Right For You?

This IS for you if: 

  • You have an email list of subscribers  
  • You have a lead magnet or funnel to continue growing your email list
  • You have social media accounts (no prior content necessary)
  • You have a website and blog (no prior content necessary)
  • You want more sales

A Few Of Our Campaigns Include

Sure, you could use AI or hacks to make content yourself.

Heck, WE use AI to help us in the process...

But if it were that easy, you'd already be doing it and generating more sales.

Content Campaign Strategy 

Our proven content campaign strategy helps you move ideal clients through the customer journey and drive sales with your content in 90-days.

Say it with me: No more wasted content!

Here’s what you’ll get:

Campaign Strategy

We'll craft your one-page 90-day content marketing strategy to attract and close more ideal clients in a power-packed 60-min kickoff call.  

Marketing Plan ✔️ 

Website Content

Nothing matches the ROI of SEO-optimized evergreen website content. We'll provide you with detailed article outlines to plug in your expertise–then we work our word magic to edit, refine, and SEO optimize.  

More Website Traffic ✔️

Nurturing Emails 

Your email list is one of your most valuable assets. We'll help you grow it and prime it to buy with engaging emails. 

Hot Email List ✔️

Engaging Social Media Content 

Social media is a powerful tool for awareness and driving traffic to your website. We'll help you maximize your presence with posts for your primary channel.

Awareness + Engagement ✔️

Email Sales Sequence 

It's time to close out the campaign with a bang! This proven 8-email sales sequence is the perfect way to drive sales and leverage the power of your nurtured email list.

  • Email Sales Sequence To Promote Your Event, Enrollment, Sale or Promotion

Sales ✔️

Value $3,000 +

Custom Content Calendar

You'll have a simple content calendar that makes the entire process a breeze. 

Content Calendar ✔️

Marketing Scorecard

You'll know exactly what is working and what isn't with a custom marketing scorecard to track your progress. 

Marketing Scorecard ✔️

I'm Ready!

Choose Your Campaign Package

We offer standard campaign packages and custom options. 

Campaign packages starting at $5000.



CAD + Tax

The Basic 90-Day Campaign follows a bi-monthly blog posting pace, and includes: 

  • Custom Campaign Strategy
  • 6 SEO Optimized Blog Articles + On-Page SEO Recommendations - Bi-Monthly Publishing Pace
  • 12 Nurturing Emails - 1 Per Week Send Pace
  • 18 Engaging Social Media Captions - 2 Per Week Publishing Pace
  • Content Calendar & Scorecard
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CAD + Tax

Your Premium 90-Day Campaign follows a weekly blog posting pace, and includes:  

  • Custom Campaign Strategy
  • 12 SEO Optimized Blog Articles + On-Page SEO Recommendations - Weekly Publishing Pace
  • 24 Nurturing Emails - Bi-Weekly Send Pace
  • 36 Engaging Social Media Captions - 3 Per Week Publishing Pace
  • Content Calendar & Scorecard
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Hop on a kickoff call to build your campaign strategy and content calendar.

Do a happy dance when you receive your entire 90-day campaign about 2-weeks later.


Jon Doe

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Jane Doe

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Stop staring at the blank page, wondering what to post. 

You have enough on your plate–coming up with a last-minute LinkedIn post shouldn't be taking up your precious time.

  • We build the strategy 
  • We help you choose the best platforms and channels  
  • We take care of content 
  • You get your schedule back
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Our Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of our work, we’ll continue to work with you on the campaign until you are. We don’t stop until you’re satisfied. But we're sure you'll be blown away.

You Might Be Wondering

Or just keep doing what you’re doing, and maybe you’ll figure it all out someday

You don’t have to wait for someday to get professional marketing that matches the quality of service you provide.

Elevate your brand and attract those high-value clients! All for the cost of one or two more sales.

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Not sure if this is right for you?

We get it. It’s a big decision to step into your next level of business growth–book a free no pressure call, and we can answer all of your questions. If we’re not a good fit, we’ll do our best to recommend someone or something that meets your need.