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But why email? Feat. Yuval Ackerman

ask the expert copywriting email marketing marketing Jun 13, 2022

Aside from delivering a staggering return on investment of $40 on average for every $1 spent, email marketing has many benefits. The thing is, most businesses ignore email for fear that they’ll be spammy or annoying. 

I sat down with Yuval Ackerman, an Email strategist & copywriter based in Berlin, Germany, to demystify email marketing. Yuval helps entrepreneurs market themselves authentically and without guilt and teaches us the three core components of ethical email marketing.

Here’s why email marketing is essential: 

  1. No Rules: Email marketing has no rules regarding consistency, length or content. It's so beautiful to see what you can make out of it because you can really make it your own. Every audience is unique, and even if we have the same contacts on both of our email lists, they would expect different things from us.
  2. Consent: Unlike social media or TV, the reader can control when and if they consume marketing emails. First, they have permitted this business to contact them. They have a subject line that gives them context, and they can opt-out. 
  3. You Own It: You have to consistently post to be seen by your audience because you’re fighting an algorithm on social media. You don’t own your list and can lose all your followers and content. With email, you own your list and have a direct line to your reader.  

Email marketing is a powerful way to tell your story, connect with your audience and market your business ethically. It’s as simple as this: deliver value. 

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