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Who Am I If I’m Not What I Do Feat. Ulrika Sullivan

ask the expert balance success May 02, 2022
Who Am I If I’m Not What I Do Ulrika Sullivan & Hey Mickey Anderson

Have you ever felt lost outside of your work? 

So many business owners tie their identity to their business and struggle when things at work don’t go to plan. The constant pursuit of more wear on their well-being, while missed goals and mistakes feel like an attack on their character and identity. 

I asked Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach and National Bestselling Author Ulrika Sullivan how we can find ourselves outside of our work and why it’s so important. Here are the three ways we can separate ourselves from our work. 

1. Reflect on the templates

Ulrika said that we often follow a template for success presented to us at a young age. It’s our way of relating to success and living up to society's expectations, culture and family. 

She said that these templates are like a story we tell ourselves about success, what it means, and how we achieve it. The first step to separating yourself from your work is to step out of that template and the expectations, patterns, habits, assumptions and interpretations that we've been making about ourselves and our environment. By identifying and challenging the templates we follow, we recognize what we’re naturally passionate about instead of what we feel we must do. 


2. Tap into your natural gifts

The second step is identifying your natural gifts and using them more often. Ulrika mentioned that it could be challenging to determine if something is a passion or if it’s simply something we enjoy. A simple way to determine if you are genuinely passionate about something or doing it to please others is to ask yourself if you would continue to do it when no one is around or looking.

Consider whether you are doing something for an outcome or because you love it? The domain of the heart is always going to be the energy of what you love, while the domain of the mind will put conditions on it.


3. Slow down and listen.

Our model lives are very, very busy; multitasking, business travel, a full calendar and information coming at us at all times. Ulrika said that the final step to separating yourself from your work is to slow down, begin to lead with what you love, and let your mind sit in the back seat for a bit.

The first thing she teaches clients is to slow down because if we don’t, we miss the inner nudges and subtle hints from our soul that guide us to our true purpose beyond our careers. 


To watch my interview with Ulrika Sullivan and hear more about finding yourself outside of your work, watch the video below. 


 - Hey Mickey Anderson





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