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When Personal Problems Become Business Problems Feat. Chandler Walker

ask the expert balance success May 30, 2022
How to avoid personal problems affecting your business | Hey Mickey Anderson

As an entrepreneur, your personal problems often become your business problems. Your business reflects the personality and habits of the leadership, and if your wellness isn’t a priority this could mean serious issues in your business. I asked Chandler Walker, entrepreneur and sales expert, what we can do to thrive in and out of business.

 Mickey: How can our wellness impact our business? 

Chander: Typically what happens with entrepreneurs, especially people in the solopreneur realm, is if they have personal problems, those personal problems become business problems. And then those business problems that are small in the beginning, become really big problems down the road. 

So if you are scattered, if you don't have the ability to organize what you're doing on a daily basis, if you're all over the place, if you're feeling overwhelmed, your business is going to look overwhelmed. Your business is going to look scattered. And ultimately you're going to build something that reflects the personality of the owner who originally built the business.

And when you think about it, it's like the business becomes what the owner is. So the owner not only has to create the vision and communicate that vision is communicated through the spoken word and through the actions that the owner is currently taking or taking daily. 


Mickey: What are a few examples of micro habits that can help us improve our wellness and the way we show up to our business?

Chandler: The first thing that I think that we that's important and that we look at is understanding your beliefs versus your values.

And I think entrepreneurs really get stuck here. So this is the first exercise that we go through together with entrepreneurs. We outline what their beliefs are–so what's your belief behind who you personally, family spirituality work, all that stuff. So there's tend to be values attached to each belief, and they have to rate how important each one is to them from 1 to 10.

And then the next thing we look at is, are you living up to those values? And so now they have to rate whether or not they're living up to those values on a scale from 1 to 10. And what happens here is we have this mind-blowing shock of awareness of this is what I believe in, but I'm not even close to living up to this.

And you'll see an entrepreneur who is a parent, and they rate their family as a ten, but because their life is devoted to their business, how they are living up to this family value is a two. So you create these massive amounts of awareness from this. 


Mickey: Once we’ve figured out where we want to be and where we are right now, how do we start taking those steps towards being that ideal version of ourselves? 

Chandler: What we do next is we want to look at how we can map out our day. And the first thing I'll usually do with entrepreneurs is we'll build a structure, which I call red light, yellow light, and green light. What this does, is it organizes your thoughts and mind into what you can accomplish daily. Red light tasks are tasks that you have to accomplish that are critical. Yellow light tasks are moderately critical. Greenlight tasks are the tasks we want an executive assistant or a virtual assistant to accomplish. 

So what happens is we remove 70% of the tasks you shouldn't be doing and you only work on the tasks that are important to you like a CEO or a high-level person. The cool thing about this is once you finish your red tasks, you just don't do anything the rest of the day, and then you move on to the next day. And if there are more red tasks, finish those, then work on the yellow, but you don't give yourself more work and you don't keep stacking yourself. 

What happens in this environment is all of a sudden you become less overwhelmed. All of a sudden you become less in the weeds and you become more focused on being high level and creative, and you build a massive amount of time that's now available. So now you can give your time back to the things you do believe in. 

- Hey Mickey Anderson

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