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Voxer Coaching: The death of problem-solving and personal boundaries

balance boundaries coaching Jan 11, 2022
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Why more access does not mean better results for your clients.

The only coaching industry is BOOMING. Haters gon’ hate, but the truth is the demand is there. The industry became more competitive and saturated. Naturally, coaches leapt to differentiate themselves and deliver more value to their clients.

Hence the introduction of ‘Voxer Coaching’ or text message support. Many coaches offered text support and increased access in a variety of iterations. 

What happened was not an increase in value or results. But the death of problem-solving and personal boundaries.

More Access ≠ Better Results.

Hear me out. When you offer more access to your clients, you are saying, “don’t try to do this alone; use my expertise as much as possible.” The clients couldn't see the flaw. 

What actually happened: 

Lack of problem-solving

When clients rely on you for every little thing, they never get the opportunity to learn. You may want to protect your clients from failure, but it’s essential to learning. Imagine a child who was never allowed to fall? 

Stuck in urgency

It takes time and wisdom to identify what is urgent in a business. This only happens when clients experience the consequences of acting and not acting. When clients have non-stop access to you, they learn that everything is ‘urgent enough’ to act. They reach out to you and learn to act on every impulse instead of taking the time to analyze the situation. Let them learn what urgency means so they can avoid constant stress and anxiety. 


It might feel like a great business plan to have clients become dependent. That would mean they will stay clients forever. WRONG. When clients feel dependent, they become resentful. And, because they never learned patience or process with you, they'll look for a new coach to help them. 

Trees from the forest

What happens when we focus only on the problems and opportunities that pop up in front of us? We never step back and see the forest from the trees. Clients lose sight of their long-term goals, threats and opportunities.  They'll waste their time on inconsequential things that only offer short-term rewards. But don’t move them in the direction of their long-term goals. Clients need to learn to see the big picture instead of constantly seeking wins. 


Your clients will no doubt have accomplishments while working with you. They’ll start to build momentum and little wins. But, what happens when they leave? They no longer have your support on-demand and are likely to panic at any sign of plateau or regressions. They begin to mistake movement for progress. So, they'll seek out someone else to help them find momentum again. They never learn the natural ebb and flow of running a successful business. 

But, what do you say when a client objects to the limited access you offer in coaching?


“More access may seem helpful, but it's detrimental to your growth and independence. I trust that with the education, resources and training I provide, you’ll be able to achieve your goals. I am not here to achieve them for you. I don’t want you to become dependent on me. I know it might feel scary to have limited access, but please know that you can reach out if something is urgent. I'm going to model healthy boundaries so you don’t fall into the trap that many business owners succumb to - burnout.”

But, how do you guarantee results if you don't offer more access?

You don't.

You, the coach, must learn how to be the guide. Help your clients achieve their goals instead of doing it for them. 

Here’s to healthy boundaries, independence and innovative problem-solving. 



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