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The Ultimate List of Blog Post Types

best of the best copywriting resources Jan 25, 2022
The Ultimate List of Blog Post Types Blog Image

Write more blog posts in less time with this ultimate list of blog post types. 

This list includes my favourite and top-performing blog posts types. Anytime you’re feeling uninspired or overwhelmed at the thought of writing a blog, scroll through this list to find a simple way to organize your ideas and transform them into a blog post. 


  • Checklist: people love checklists because, in a hectic world, they make us feel accomplished and on top of things. Write out 3-10 things someone needs to “check-off” to get x result, solve y problem or accomplish z. 


  • Three hot tips: what are three hot tips you can give from your own experience that will help your audience get x result, solve y problem or accomplish z. 


  • Crowdsourced: send 1-3 questions to a few subject matter experts or individuals with experience and present their answers to each question. 


  • Q&A: Interview someone and post the transcribed, shortened Q&A. Optional: add a link to the recording on Youtube. 


  • Embedded Video: Select 3-5 videos that answer a question or solve a problem for your audience. Embed a link to each video in the blog post so they can watch the answers. 


  • Quote list: Choose a topic and find 3-10 quotes that you think are enlightening, entertaining or educational relating to the topic. 


  • Stat Roundup: Pull together relevant and enlightening statistics related to a topic and post them in a blog. Be sure to include proper credit and citations. 


  • How to (step-by-step tutorial): Similar to a checklist, you can help your audience achieve a result or accomplish something by giving them step-by-step instructions.  


  • Simple problem and solution: present a relevant problem and the solution. 


  • FAQ: Answer common questions about a topic, product, or service. 


  • SAQ (should ask questions): List the questions your audience should ask when considering something, researching a product, or making a decision. 


  • Link or resource roundup: List helpful resources and links your audience can use to solve a problem or accomplish something. 


  • Pick of the week/month/quarter: A simple favourites post where you can present your favourite or pick on a topic, product or service. 


  • Bes of series: List your favourites about a specific topic. For example, your favourite five restaurants in town or your top 3 resources for starting a new business. 


  • People to follow: Shoutout your friends, colleagues, or heroes in a post by listing who your audience should follow.


  • Review: Offer a candid review of a product or service you tried. 


  • Product/service tips (what to do after buying x, y, z): Create a post that helps new customers after purchasing your product or service. What should they do, how should they maintain it, where can they find help if they need it?


  • Customer showcase: Present a testimonial and showcase your customer’s accomplishments with an in-depth look at their problem and how they solved it with your help.  



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