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The Ultimate List of Blog Post Types

best of the best copywriting resources Jan 24, 2022
The Ultimate List of Blog Post Types | Hey Mickey Anderson

Write more blog posts in less time with this ultimate list of blog post types. 

This list includes my favourite and top-performing blog posts types. Anytime you’re feeling uninspired or overwhelmed at the thought of writing a blog, scroll through this list to find a simple way to organize your ideas and transform them into a blog post. 


  • Checklist: people love checklists because, in a hectic world, they make us feel accomplished and on top of things. Write out 3-10 things someone needs to “check-off” to get x result, solve y problem or accomplish z. 


  • Three hot tips: what are three hot tips you can give from your own experience that will help your audience get x result, solve y problem or accomplish z. 


  • Crowdsourced: send 1-3 questions to a few subject matter experts or individuals with experience and present their answers to each question. 


  • Q&A: Interview someone and post the transcribed, shortened Q&A. Optional: add a link to the recording on Youtube. 


  • Embedded Video: Select 3-5 videos that answer a question or solve a problem for your audience. Embed a link to each video in the blog post so they can watch the answers. 


  • Quote list: Choose a topic and find 3-10 quotes that you think are enlightening, entertaining or educational relating to the topic. 


  • Stat Roundup: Pull together relevant and enlightening statistics related to a topic and post them in a blog. Be sure to include proper credit and citations. 


  • How to (step-by-step tutorial): Similar to a checklist, you can help your audience achieve a result or accomplish something by giving them step-by-step instructions.  


  • Simple problem and solution: present a relevant problem and the solution. 


  • FAQ: Answer common questions about a topic, product, or service. 


  • SAQ (should ask questions): List the questions your audience should ask when considering something, researching a product, or making a decision. 


  • Link or resource roundup: List helpful resources and links your audience can use to solve a problem or accomplish something. 


  • Pick of the week/month/quarter: A simple favourites post where you can present your favourite or pick on a topic, product or service. 


  • Bes of series: List your favourites about a specific topic. For example, your favourite five restaurants in town or your top 3 resources for starting a new business. 


  • People to follow: Shoutout your friends, colleagues, or heroes in a post by listing who your audience should follow.


  • Review: Offer a candid review of a product or service you tried. 


  • Product/service tips (what to do after buying x, y, z): Create a post that helps new customers after purchasing your product or service. What should they do, how should they maintain it, where can they find help if they need it?


  • Customer showcase: Present a testimonial and showcase your customer’s accomplishments with an in-depth look at their problem and how they solved it with your help.  


- Hey Mickey Anderson

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