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The two types of hires you need feat. Christina Hooper

ask the expert business strategy talent management Aug 09, 2022
The two types of hires you need feat. Christina Hooper Blog Image

 A Q&A with Mickey Anderson and Christina Hooper, Marketing & Sales Expert

Most of us are busy working in our business on top of trying to run our business, and balancing the two can be tricky, especially if you're at a place where you're not prepared or comfortable or ready to start outsourcing a ton of work. I asked Christina Hooper, marketing and sales expert, what some of the systems business owners can use to make their lives easier in their marketing once they've got their first ten clients.

You take the most boring things to you because the whole idea is to be in love with your business. If you don't love your business, then you will stop doing what your business needs you to do. You need to be excited and passionate when you're going and talking to potential clients.

Start with boring.

If you've got things boring you, things that you don't like doing and are dragging you down, you'll lose some of your fire. Start by looking at those things, and write down how you do those things step-by-step.

Write your processes.

Write down what you do as you do those things, and then look at VAs (Virtual Assistants) and people who can help take some of that work off of you. Usually, the things we don't like doing are the easiest things for VAs to take on. It could be as simple as going through your email inbox and surfacing up the things you need to look at or adding them to a to-do list or your project management tool so that you can live there and get out of your inbox.

Look at the boring and draining things, and get those off your plate as soon as possible because somebody else is really excited about those things, and they're going to do them better than you.

The other thing I see that happens a lot is we feel like we can't hire someone and train them to do a job that we don't know how to do. In those instances, you're looking for a different type of hire. 

The two types of hires.

When hiring people, they tend to fall into one of two buckets. If you give them a list and tell them what to do, you've got people who can execute it relentlessly. Then you've got other people who can create the list.

If you don't understand the job well enough to hire someone and train someone to do the job, be very clear and transparent in your job postings and interview process that you’re looking for a hire that can build out the systems and processes. Those are your intrapreneurs–the ones who don't want the task of owning a whole business and growing an entire company, but if you give them enough leeway in a particular realm of the company, they will develop it and grow it for you.

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