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Stop marketing if this is you feat. Christina Hooper

ask the expert business strategy marketing Jul 26, 2022
Stop marketing if this is you feat. Christina Hooper Blog Image

A Q&A with Christina Hooper & Mickey Anderson

Mickey:  You have a radical approach to marketing with small business owners. Instead of focusing on marketing, what do you tell businesses starting out to do? 

Christina: Stop everything. Stop everything you're doing and get your first ten clients. Do anything and everything you must do to get in front of people. If you have to knock on doors, make phone calls, send emails, whatever. Be helpful, be creative and be unique.

You can say, “I know you don't want to talk to me, but I want to talk to you. You're my dream client, and if you give me the time of day, I promise you won't regret it. Can you give me 15 minutes of your time?” Don't be afraid to be humble while you're doing this, too. Say, “Hey, I'm new” or “I'm launching a new thing.” Maybe you're not a new business but launching something new.

If you know that you want to serve a particular group, and you know that you have a skill set that they can use, listen to them and let them tell you what they need. Think about how you can scale and build your services.

Here’s a great question: How can you pivot the services you already do to be what they need? 

Don't approach people with the mindset, "I have my bag of tricks, and you must buy what I'm good at.” Instead, be the person who approaches people with, “I wanna work with you, so how can we make that happen?”

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