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My Top 3 Blog Post Templates

copywriting marketing resources Jan 24, 2022

Steal my templates and write blog posts in less time!

Writing blog posts from scratch can take forever! Simplify your process and save yourself time by creating (or stealing) plug-and-play templates. The video above walks you through how to save your templates into the google drive template library.

Here are my top 3 blog post templates. 


1. The Q&A Blog Post

Interview someone and post the transcribed, shortened Q&A. Optional: add a link to the recording on Youtube. 

Copy my Google Doc Template: 


2. Crowdsourced Blog Post

Send 1-3 questions to a few subject matter experts or individuals with experience and present their answers to each question. 

Copy my Google Doc Template: 


3. Quote List Blog Post

Choose a topic and find 3-10 quotes that you think are enlightening, entertaining or educational relating to the topic. 


Copy my Google Doc Template: 

I love to use google docs for all of my copywriting, and one of the top reasons is that you can store all of your templates in an easy-to-access template library. I've included a video step-by-step video on how to save templates in your google doc template library. 

- Hey Mickey Anderson

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