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How to grow your business by being helpful feat. Christina Hooper

ask the expert business strategy marketing Jul 12, 2022
How to grow your business by being helpful feat. Christina Hooper Blog Image

 How to grow your business by being helpful

A Q&A with Christina Hooper, Marketing and Sales Expert.

I like to talk about just being a helpful human, like going out and doing things and just being helpful. This kills me, and I don't understand this–people will buy these networking groups or training programs, and they will be there on zoom with their camera off? You can turn your camera on; revolutionary concept!

Turn your camera on. 

When they ask, “Does anybody have questions?” turn your mic on and ask something. It doesn't matter what. I'm telling you, this changed my life. About two years ago, I was already a completely remote company; then everybody decided to join my party.

I was part of like the Digital Marketer Elite Coaching Group, and I was going to all these zoom events, and they were letting us ask questions. I got to pick the brain of some really cool people like Ryan Deiss, and Donald Miller–I got to ask these people questions, and there are other people sitting in the same [zoom] room as me with their camera and microphone off.

Respond to emails.

Answering emails is another way people started noticing me. I started being helpful and responding to marketing emails I received from my ideal clients, which started generating referrals.

Be helpful.

 Just like you, I had knowledge in my head that someone else could use. They asked a question, and I said, “Hey, I, I know the answer to that.” I just started being helpful, and it’s like the stupidest, simplest thing to ever do. Just turn your camera and your microphone on and participate in the things you're already paying for. And I mean, some of these are expensive things! We have calls where over half of the people have their cameras and microphones off and don't even engage. What the heck? 

Create a process to execute what you learn.

So many business owners don't have a system or method internally for how they consume and execute new information. Go consume, store the ideas, and don't immediately try and execute all of them.

But again, network while you're doing these things and get the side benefit. Even if you don't implement the thing they're teaching, the side benefit is you've gotten in front of other people in your potential audience, potential referral partners, potential customers, you engaged, you interacted, you did things!

Then find a way to stop and follow your ideas. Once a month or once a quarter, depending on how long it takes you to execute things, review them, prioritize them, and pick no more than three [things] that you can do over that timeframe.

[For example,] if you signed up to learn how to build a quiz funnel, this month, all you're gonna do is build a quiz funnel. That's your only new thing. Have a system, it could be sticky notes on a wall, and then you can ICE score your ideas. 

ICE score ideas.

Ice stands for impact, confidence and ease. Take each of your ideas on a scale of one to 10; how big of an impact do you think it's gonna have? How confident are you in that impact? And then how easy is it gonna be to execute and sort your ideas so that you've got the ones that are the easiest ones to execute that you are the most confident will have the biggest impact.

That's your thing, whether it's for the month, for the quarter, whatever timeframe is comfortable for you, so that you're moving forward. That simple step will prevent you from chasing a whole bunch of shiny objects and having a whole bunch of half-built bridges.

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