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How To Become Successful At Networking (Even Introverts): Part 3

ask the expert networking Oct 29, 2022
How To Become Successful At Networking (Even Introverts): Part 3

I pooled top networking pros to get their take on how to stand out, be remembered, get over your fears and grow your business with networking. 

Here’s what they said:  


Get out there IN PERSON. If you can’t connect with your customers face to face, you won’t be able to do it online. Join a chamber, Bni, etc and really find out who they are and what they’re interested in… then take those lessons online.

Mark de Grasse 

President, DigitalMarketer

DigitalMarketer is a research, training, and certification company based in in Austin, Texas focused on sharing what's new and what's actually working in digital marketing.


2) Be A Helper

Ask other event guests why they chose to invest their time in attending, knowing there are a million other things they could have done. They’ll likely tell you what they want to get out of being there. 

Once you know, make it your mission to help them get what they want—whether it be an introduction to someone they want to meet, some helpful FREE advice (with no sales pitch attached), or even just a good glass of wine/cup of coffee and an intriguing conversation. They’ll remember you as the person who helped them, and the law of reciprocity will eventually come back to you.

Stephanie Nivinskus

Stephanie is a Fractional CMO and the CEO of SizzleForce Marketing. Since 1995 she’s been been building brands including The National Football League, Starbucks and Quiksilver.


3) Use Content-Based Networking

Make a list of people you want to meet. Ask them if you can interview them or feature them in a piece of content you are working on. Deliver value in advance and make sure you share it with them when it gets published. We recently did a blog post for a client featuring several Instagram influences in the space. They all shared the content when it got published. Building your network is a tremendous strategy for success in business, especially if a warm referral is basically gold. 

We have a Livestream show where we interview business owners to allow them to tell their stories. Then we give them the raw video for free. People thank me every day for the opportunity to do this. My network is growing by leaps and bounds. Remember.... Value in advance and givers gain. Some keys to success right there!

Jay Vics,

HowTo.Agency is the training, coaching, and consulting side of JVI Mobile Marketing.
The mission is simple; Give 5000 small business owners, who didn’t grow up having the internet as a marketing medium, a chance to tell their story through
engaging content, powerful branding, and a ton of tremendous online reviews. HowTo.Agency will help you build a clear path forward to marketing that is under control, effective, and measurable.

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