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How To Become Successful At Networking (Even Introverts): Part 2

ask the expert networking Oct 28, 2022
How To Become Successful At Networking (Even Introverts): Part 2 | Hey Mickey Anderson

I pooled top networking pros to get their take on how to stand out, be remembered, get over your fears and grow your business with networking. 

Here’s what they said:  

1) Be You & Look For Commonalities 

My advice is don't be afraid to start a conversation or walk up to a stranger. You have more in common than you think. And don't forget to be authentic and real; just have a conversation! The best conversations start by listening!!

Tori Barker 

Creative Marketing Sacramento provides excellent customer service while Implementing unique and meaningful marketing strategies to grow their client's business and gain company exposure. 


2) The Compliment + Response + Question Framework

A compliment is a great conversation starter. Be observant and find something to compliment to start the conversation. Everybody has something you can compliment.

The reality is that 100% of the people feel just as awkward as you, and the moment you give that compliment, you become the person they want to be around.

Next tip...ask questions...lots of them. If you are afraid to talk...let them talk, and just ask questions.

E.g. That's an awesome superman hat; I've never seen one like it–where did you get it?

We actually teach this method to our staff that does social engagement on behalf of brands, and it works in person...

  1. Compliment - that's an awesome superman hat
  2. Response/statement - I've never seen one like it
  3. Question - where did you get it?

People think you are the MOST amazing conversationalist when you do that.

Atiba de Souza 

Client Attraction Pros specialize in helping busy expert entrepreneurs get more of the right kind of videos out in the world so they can book more speaking engagements, become a recognized authority, and spend less time chasing clients.


Stay tuned for part 3!

 - Hey Mickey Anderson


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