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How To Become Successful At Networking (Even Introverts) | Part 1

ask the expert networking Oct 27, 2022
How To Become Successful At Networking (Even Introverts): Part 1  | Hey Mickey Anderson

I pooled top networking pros to get their take on how to stand out, be remembered, get over your fears and grow your business with networking. 

Here’s what they said:  

1) Create An Embrace Your Professional Persona 

One thing that I'm really starting to embrace more is the idea of stepping into your avatar. Not a customer avatar, but who you are when you're the spokesperson for yourself professionally.

This might sound a little weird, but it's helping me a lot. As someone with ADHD and Autism, it's particularly challenging for me to just walk up to someone and start a conversation. I was always counting on my amazing friends to drag me out of the corner or hoping people would walk up and talk to me first. I even struggle to walk up to people that I had met before and should feel comfortable talking to.

One of the coolest things that people like Atiba De Souza, Lauren Elizabeth Petrullo, Uzair Kharawala, and Cyn Mobley did for me gave me the nickname "Blue" and start silly things like "bow down to the blue" when they see me in person. They helped "Blue" come to life as someone that is still me but is more outgoing and really enjoys interacting with people, taking pictures, making videos, dancing poorly at Dave's party, etc.

This approach is something that you'll see many experts and mindset coaches talk about in a variety of formats - being the spokesperson of your brand, manifesting your higher self, and pushing out of your comfort zone. Your avatar is still authentic to you, just bolder, more confident, less shy, etc.

Either way, as a neuro-spicy person that's spent my life masking to fit in, this strategy works for me because I get to choose the mask I wear now. I'm making it fit who I am and who I want to be as a person that can stand out instead of just trying to fit in. I can be weird, be different, have fun, and not be scared.

Christina Hooper  

Christina is an authority marketing expert that specializes in helping neuro-spicy entrepreneurs defeat the brain gremlins that are holding them back and achieve the success that they deserve in their business and their life.


2) Wear Your Brand 

My best advice is to wear something that’s loud, on brand or on vibe with your personality, without being obnoxious.

In my experience, wearing loud shoes or loud glasses, a bold accessory, has given others an “easy in” to say hello and start a convo. My pink glasses or mismatched boots (one pink and one purple) have given others an easy icebreaker It’s unique enough to notice and comfortable enough to approach the topic. “Those glasses are amazing!” “Do you own those boots in both colours, or did you buy them that way?”

I’m my experience, even the most introverted of introverts have still commented on my bold accessory choices with curiosity or a compliment. That’s been my “colourful” foot in the door to start a real conversation and get to know someone. When I explain that my pink glasses are actually a part of my logo, more often than not their intrigued to know more about my brand and what we do!

Lauren Petrullo 

Lauren Petrullo is a successful multi-founder, owner of digital marketing agency Mongoose Media — a data-driven and design-thinking based marketing agency in Orlando, FL focused on hospitality lead generation & large SKU e-commerce — and is a sought out consultant for Meta Ads and social commerce.


Stay tuned for part 2!

 - Hey Mickey Anderson

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