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How I write 2-3 weeks of social media captions in 20-minutes

copywriting marketing resources Jan 24, 2022
How I write 2-3 weeks of social media captions in 20-minutes | Hey Mickey Anderson

The step-by-step process I use on ALL campaigns. 

If you're anything like me, you don't particularly enjoy wasting hours writing social media content from scratch. That's why I'm sharing my step-by-step process for writing 2-3 weeks of social media captions in 20-minutes. 

 Maybe don't pop the champaign just yet.

Although I will admit some of my best writing happens after a glass of red. Just don't edit drunk.

Trust me on that one.


First, repeat after me:





The Content Splitting Method

Here's the deal on writing social media content like a pro—me to be precise, lol. 

1) Start by writing a blog post.

Ok, I know you probably hate this already, but it's the absolute BEST way to churn out a TON of great content in less time and with a lot less editing, revisions, and heartbreak. 

Turn your timer on for 30-min and brain dump a blog post outline. Try to come up with your main points, or at least a general idea of what you want to write about. Don't waste your time trying to write the entire post in one go, that pretty much always leads to overwriting and overthinking. 

Now pat yourself on the back and go take a nap. Seriously.

The next day, set your timer again and spend 1-2 hours refining, editing and finalizing the blog post. The more you do this, the faster this process will get.


Now, To Splinter!

2) Optional Step - Emails

You can break up the content from your blog post and create a few emails. You can tease the blog and let your audience know it's coming and what to expect; you can share a quote or essential tip and email them a link to the blog itself.

3) Big Money Caption Writing

Time to splinter your blog post into 2-3 weeks' worth of social media captions. You can copy and paste from your blog with a bit of tweaking and BAM. Here's how I do it, and it takes about 20-min.


A) 3 Quotes or statement posts. 

I keep these short, punchy and to the point. 2-3 sentences, and that's it. 

B) Carousel of 3 main points

Take the main sentence from each of your blog points to build this one.

C) Breakdown of each main point (3 captions)

I then make another caption for each point from the carousel and go a little deeper. These captions need the most tweaking because you may need to add some additional context, an introductory statement and a concluding statement. 

D) 3 Questions to the audience 

Come up with 3-5 questions you can ask your audience related to the blog. Again, these are short posts that get the audience thinking about the topic of your blog.  

E) 3 Reminders to the audience 

Similar to the question posts, what reminder can you offer your audience related to your blog? 

F) 1-2 Stats 

Whenever possible, I try to add stats or numbers to my blog writing to drive a point home.

G) 3 Hot tips

Hot tips can come from the main points or conclusion of your blog. What are the 1-2 main things you want your reader to take away and turn into your tip.

H) 2 Teasers of the blog post

Create a few posts to tease the blog post and let them know it's coming, what they can expect, and when. 

I) 1 Announcement of the blog post

Once you've published your blog posts, you can create a few posts to drive traffic to them by announcing the post and reminding your audience to check it out a few days later. 


The pain of coming up with social media captions from scratch far outweighs the pain of writing a blog post in my humble opinion. There are SO MANY benefits to this method like increasing blog traffic, better SEO, better overall content cohesion across platforms, saving time, and increased authority online.

It's no wonder that 100% of the big campaigns I write for use this process.

If you hate blog writing, don't fret - I'll be back with some tips and tricks to make your blog writing easier, faster, and hopefully a lot more fun. 



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