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The Best of the Best: Part 2 - Design Resources

best of the best design marketing resources Jan 11, 2022
Best of the best pt 2 | Hey Mickey Anderson

Design resources to help my fellow Non-Designers look more professional.

Let me start by saying that I don’t have a design bone in my body. I rely on the expertise of my dear friend and incredible designer (hello Jaana, and thank you) to make things look professional, put together and seem like I’ve got it all figured out. 

If you’re like me, adding ‘design’ to any project is the most time-consuming and daunting thing on your to-do list. I’ve searched high and low for tools and resources to help me not only speed up the process but improve the overall quality of my brand design along the way. Here are a few of my most loved design resources. 

*Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, and I receive a small commission or reward when you support me and use them. Thank you. 


1. Canva Pro


Everyone talks about how amazing Canva is, and is. But, if you haven’t upgraded to a Pro account yet, you are missing out. They continue to add incredible new tools like the image background remover, brand kit builder, content planner AND free stock images and videos. 

ALL of my design assets, aside from my logo, website and vector files, were created in Canva Pro. If you design your social media graphics, slide decks, posters or images, you should probably hop on the design bandwagon and get Canva Pro.

Learn more about Canva Pro


2. Creative Market Weekly Freebies  

When I first started snooping around in Creative Market, I was completely overwhelmed. There is just SO MUCH. Purchasing a template or resource from Creative Market is a bit like getting a tattoo...before you’re first one is even finished, you’re planning the next.

Not only does Creative Market have a ton of incredible fonts, templates and resources for all of your design needs, but they also offer freebies every single week to subscribers. Exclusive and beautiful fonts, seasonal clipart, templates and more are sent to your inbox each week. Take a look at this week’s freebies!

Access Freebies Now


3. Stock Images & Videos


I love looking to videos and images for inspiration (instead of looking at other people’s content where I risk inadvertently copying). Finding great stock images and videos that aren’t already posted all over the internet is hard. Here are my two go-to spots for inspiration.

A) Stocklane

Stocklane offers unlimited access to editorial-style, magazine-worthy photos for all your marketing needs. I’ve been a happy customer for almost two years, and every month I am inspired by the amazing quality images and use them throughout my marketing. They have a wide range of collections and offer the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. 

The best part is that with such a small, boutique collection of images, you know your audience will never know they are stock images! You can access 10-Free images now to use throughout your marketing and get a taste of what Stocklane has to offer. 

Access 10-Free Images Now




Video content is BOOMing right now, but finding great videos (that aren’t overused or poor quality) is tough. offers stock videos from cinematographers around the world with a great variety of styles and categories.

I’ve used the images for inspiration and created video content across my social media platforms, blogs, and websites. Videos can be a great way to take generic social media posts and turn them into unique and engaging videos. Check them out!

Learn more about


It’s important to note that nothing replaces the expertise of a designer. I did my best with free tools and DIY design for a time, but I now save a percentage of revenue each year that goes towards my marketing and design expenses. Every time I hire or outsource design to a professional, the ROI is massive. 

I hope these resources save you some time and stress while giving you some flexibility to invest your design money in the most important projects. 

- Hey Mickey Anderson

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