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AIO: Artificial Intelligence Optimization (what I learned at DigitalMarketer)

ai content Mar 14, 2023

Here's what I learned at DigitalMarketer Certified Partner Training Day about AI

AI is a powerful way to cut time on content creation, but it's not a one-and-done process. I was in Austin Texas and learned a TON about this new age of content creation. Let's dig in!

What is AIO?

"AIO stands for Artificial Intelligence Optimization. This is the process of improving AI content by optimizing it with the expertise of a human trained in SEO and content writing." (McCoy, 2023) 

The Truth About AI Content

AI can help you 5-10x your content speed and quantity while reducing costs...but, it still requires a human to optimize. If you plan on using AI to one-and-done your content, you will miss out on a vital part of the process. 

AI Tools I Love

Content At Scale

This long-form writing tool has helped me produce 2000-3000 word blog posts in under 10 minutes. I've been using this tool for about 3-months now and have been blown away by the quality of the content.

Every piece passes AI detection, includes an SEO optimization tool, and sounds like a real person. I spend about 30 minutes editing the articles and BAM, they are done! Instead of spending 3-6+ hours on a blog post, going back between writers, editors, and the client...I now spend a total of 2 hours per blog post, start to finish. 

My clients LOVE that I can now increase their content production by 10x. Delivering a 90-day content campaign used to take about 3-4 weeks but with the help of Content At Scale, it takes 2-3 days. 


One of the most important pieces of a marketing campaign is distributing your content on multiple channels. We start with a blog post that sells your lead magnet and offer...then we need to send out emails and post all over social to promote it. Jasper has been the missing piece in this production process taking a tedious repurposing task and making it simple, quick and easy. 

I use the document template, pop in sections of the blog post we created with Content At Scale and use Jasper to summarize, create bullet points and write key takeaways so we can create social posts and emails in no time. 

Jasper has powerful templates that make content repurposing a breeze, and help me transform blog posts into video scripts, social media posts and emails. Talk about making your content go further! 

Big Takeaways

With AI in the hands of so many, the noise will be defining, and consumers will be bombarded with even more marketing messages each day. Human optimization will be THE THING that helps you stand out, be remembered and stay ahead of the competition. 


McCoy, J. (2023). Content Writer's Handbook: Human & Ai Writing Skills. Content Hacker™.

 *This article has affiliate links and when you purchase using these links I may receive a commission. I only share products and services I use, love and trust and appreciate your support. 

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