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The Power of Raving Fans

ask the expert communications marketing retain testimonials Oct 12, 2022
The Power of Raving Fans feat. Brenden Kumarasamy | Hey Mickey Anderson

Expert communication coach shares his top money-making communications tip.

Feat. Brenden Kumarasamy


Our communications skills impact our relationships, business, and life. But what most people don’t recognize is the money-making power of being a better communicator.

I spoke with Brenden Kumarasamy, an expert communications coach and the founder of MasterTalk. Brenden coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become top 1% communicators in their industry. He graciously shared his number one communications tip for generating revenue in your business.  

Send Video Messages to Your Existing Clients

“Most of the money I make in my business comes from this one tip, which takes 30 seconds. It's so simple, and nobody does it.

Send video messages to your existing clients.

That's it.

I have 50 active clients. So, what do I do?

Every three months, I send them a video message, not to sell, but to go, “Hey Mickey, hope you're having a beautiful day. How's your summer? I just want to say how much I appreciated working with you.

Fifty videos take me an hour. What happens the next day is I wake up, and maybe 30 of them respond going, “Oh my God, Brenden, you're the best. I love you.” And five of those 50 replies are, “Hey Brendan. Thank God, you've messaged me. I just thought about this vice president. I must introduce you, and I totally forgot. Here's the email intro!” done.  

I make $10,000 in a day. That's it.” - Brenden.

Why It Works

This simple tactic is so powerful and effective because compared to email or text messages, seeing a video of someone produces far more feel-good hormones like oxytocin and dopamine, making your clients feel far more connected to you.

The Power Of Raving Fans

Brenden uses this tactic to promote the online communications training that he offers every three months to his audience. He acquires 500 to 1000 leads per month for free, not by guesting on podcasts or advertising–he video messages existing clients.

His clients have already experienced incredible results from his coaching and are raving fans. He asks them to invite their friends, colleagues, and peers to the free training. Every three months, he sends a video message, “Hey, Mickey, hope you're doing well. Can you bring 15 people to my free training?” and they respond, “Absolutely.”

It doesn’t cost his existing clients anything; they have already seen incredible results. When they can share free passes to the online training, they say it’s like giving out free Super Bowl tickets. The existing clients are far more likely to invite their friends and promote the event because he took the time to send them video messages instead of emails or text messages.

What You Can Do to Start

Reach out to past and existing clients with a thoughtful video message to simply let them know you are thinking of them. No pitching or selling is involved; it’s just to let them know you care. Do this a few times before asking them to invite friends or family to a free event or share your freebie or lead magnet with anyone they know who would benefit. Keep messages short, energetic, and thoughtful. Oh, and double-check each video before sending it to ensure it is sent to the right person. Watch your past and existing clients transform into raving fans and refer you to everyone they know.

- Hey Mickey Anderson

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