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3 Mindset Shifts For Growing A High-Performance Team

hiring talent management Nov 23, 2022
3 Mindset Shifts For Growing A High-Performance Team | Hey Mickey Anderson

And the #1 tip for your first hire. 

Hiring new staff members for your business is..terrifying. It's usually a massive leap into the unknown - but it doesn't have to be with a few simple mindset shifts. If you're planning to hire or bring new team members to your business, you're in the right place. I will break down three key mindset shifts you need to grow your team. 


1. Growing your business team is like building a sports team. 

You'll need a few specialists, a few goal scorers, strong defencemen, top-tier players, and rookies or up-and-comers. You'll need a bench of solid players to hop in when required, and you'll need to be building your lower-level rosters that will move up into the big games with time, practice and experience. 

It's your job as the owner to identify what positions need your best players, what positions can be played by the rookies, and where and when you need specialists or generalists. 


2. You aren't the all-star player. 

Most of us see ourselves as the star player on our team - but the truth is, you're the team's owner. Get off the field! Instead of wasting your precious time trying to be a goal scorer, get off the field and start thinking bigger. It's your job to know the game and the season's goal and create a clear vision for your team's future within the league. 

If you spend all your time on the field, you'll be too busy playing the game to plan how to win the season…this year or in 10 years. 


3. You'll need more than just great players to succeed. 

You'll also need a great coach (or two), a manager, maybe an equipment manager, and then there's you…again, the team's owner. At first, you may have to play a few different positions…but do your best to play the 'off the field' positions whenever possible. Delegate, outsource or hire others to tackle the on-the-field stuff so you can focus on growth. 

For example, hire a goal scorer and defenceman to play the game while you source equipment, plan the game schedule, search for talent and network with influential people. 


My #1 tip when hiring your first team member is: Don't! 

Instead of bringing on someone for a full-time or part-time position, hire a contractor or outsource your service or product delivery. It's tempting to hire administrators and VAs, which you may also need initially, but always prioritize REVENUE-generating team members. That could also be a salesperson or someone who can increase the value of your product or service with their support in the execution.  

""Scaling is actually a problem of less...There are lots of things that used to work that don't work anymore, so you have to get rid of them. There are probably a bunch of things you've always done that slowed you down without you realizing it." - Bob Sutton, Organizational Behaviour Expert at Standford's School of Engineering. (via HBR)

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember when growing your team is that it's all about balance. You need specialists and generalists, top-tier players and rookies, goal scorers and defensemen. It isn't enough to hire great people - you must also know what positions they should play and how they will fit into your team's overall vision. Lastly, focus on bringing in people who generate revenue for the business first and foremost. With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to building a high-performance team!

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