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Most business owners and entrepreneurs are secretly sick of hustling. I'm looking for business owners and subject matter experts to debunk the most common myths around business growth and success.

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"I really enjoyed our conversation, and energy of the podcast."


RJ Grimshaw, President & CEO of Unifi Equipment Finance

"It was a pleasure speaking to you. I felt so incredibly comfortable sharing my thoughts, ideas, and my personal story with you - I wasn't kidding when I said that it was the best recording I've had to date. I'm so grateful for your time, energy, thoughtfulness, and creativity. I'm so so glad we had the chance to talk!"


Yuval Ackerman, Ethical Email Marketer & Copywriter

"I thought it was a great experience. I liked the inquisitive nature of the questions. It's refreshing to have something asking excellent questions after being on somewhere around 200-300 podcasts!"


Chandler Walker, Sales Expert

About The Host

Mickey Anderson is a marketing strategist, speaker and educator who has worked with fortune 500 companies, global enterprises, national associations, and local small and micro businesses.

She's a rebel on a mission to dethrone toxic hustle culture and a help businesses ditch the more-more-more attitude. 

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"I really enjoyed chatting with you, Mickey! This was my favorite podcast to date. You rock!"


Rob Krecak, Founder of Humans First

"I like the fact we were simply 2 humans having a conversation. Your whole process was impeccable, and made me feel really at ease. Keep up the good work!"


Daniel Alfon, LinkedIn Expert

"I love your communication style and curiosity, which made it easy for me to hang with you! :) looking forward to collaborating with you in the future! :)"


Alvin Narsey, Retail Business Coach